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A strategy is only as good as its implementation. Without effective monitoring and support, businesses may fail to deliver in their execution.

Alongside effective communication, planning and performance metrics, leadership needs to be provided with the tools and skills to be able execute the strategy consistently. All too often, execution is traded against running the business, change fatigue and a lack of or finite resources.

Working alongside leadership teams we provide the resource and capacity to directly coordinate strategy execution across the businesses, removing functional barriers and operational silos. By increasing operational dialogue and mapping of interdependencies, efficiencies are gained and capacity constraints avoided.

Our team will develop a balanced scorecard to link the short term financial and non-financial goals with the longer-term strategic plans, provide practical tools to support performance management and hold employees accountable. Supporting frequent reviews, developing linked individual, team and business goals, we create a framework for change and drive execution.

Our team is able to guide pre and post-acquisition integration planning. We ensure the early identification of what is to be retained and absorbed; determining levels of autonomy and short and medium term synergies during periods requiring sensitive planning. Our experience of understanding the fit between culture and strategy is essential to securing value and delivering success.

Manufacturing firm
We worked with a local manufacturer developing a 5-year sustainable growth strategy for a “phoenix business” and optimising production capacity and inventory controls for a contracting specialist, to increase asset utilization and customer service.

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