Lord’s Taverners Charity Lunch Sponsorship

Giving disabled and disadvantaged young people a sporting chance.

Chalk + Ward Management Consultancy are proud to be the main sponsors of this year’s Lord’s Taveners Charity Christmas Lunch.

The Taverners is the UK’s leading youth cricket and disability sports charity, that breaks down barriers and empowers disadvantaged and disabled young people to fulfil their potential. It also helps them build essential life skills.


We’re honoured to support such an amazing charity, who have improved the lives of thousands over the years.

Our MD, Robert Chalk, has been a member of the SW organising committee for a decade, which has raised enough money to buy, amongst other things, many schools a vital new bus.

With dedicated transportation, members have been able to travel to games across the country, adding a whole new experience to the game. 

A new breed of consultancy.

Chalk + Ward Management Consultancy was set up to fill a huge gap in the Southwest market for a proper business consultancy to rival the big and hugely expensive London firms.

Our team are serious heavy-weights from the business community who can provide help on business vision, growth management, M&A’s, operational transformation, international market entry, risk management and CEO/Board mentoring and performance.

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