Strategic marketing

Big companies can sometimes spend their way out of bad decisions. SMEs can’t. They may not realise therefore, how important it is to get strategy right, particularly when resources and investment are scarce.

We have proven success in making significant improvements in strategic marketing (performance and innovation). Employed properly and with strategic grounding, it is an incredibly powerful asset for any business. Insightful, challenging thinking that pushes the boundaries; new ideas and approaches; new and successful ways of targeting customers, using new and engaging mediums. These are just a few of the ways we deliver genuine performance.

From clear visionary goal setting to finding new markets; from innovative strategies to ensuring they fit culturally within the business; from marketing planning to implementation, our team help and advise on how to maximise business and market opportunities.

Market leading
national retailer
We helped our client redefine an entire product category to create a unique space in a competitive market. The new approach challenged all business functions to do things differently, something which had to be done to increase profitability and create a genuine point of difference. Without this intervention and visionary thinking the client would have been managing year on year category decline, instead they are experiencing growth beyond expectation.
Global weather provider
Here, the client had a powerful retail service offering but were unable to find the means of gaining awareness to key retail buyers. They asked Chalk+Ward Consultancy to try and find a way. Using a novel and innovative approach of offering highly detailed and informative white papers available to download via a selection of mediums, we succeeded in gaining meetings for the client with the majority of key individuals in the sector.

“Chalk + Ward have been instrumental in the launch and ongoing development of the Kirks Insolvency website. Their SEO work has meant we’ve also seen a significant increase in relevant traffic to the website, resulting in regular new business leads. I would recommend them to any company looking to improve their digital strategy.”

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