Business Purpose

We have long been strong believers in PURPOSE as a driver for businesses, the ‘why we do what we do’ rather than simply the ‘what’. Thriving businesses of the future will be those linking investment to business purpose.

In recent times, prospective clients and customers have been shifting at an ever increasing pace from ‘What do you sell that I can buy?’ to ‘Why should I buy from you? What do you stand for? What do you represent? What’s the provenance of your product or service? What are your ethical and environmental values?’ and ‘Why do you deserve my loyalty?’

Companies with an articulated and embedded business purpose linked to their core values, will be able to respond, engender positive reactions and be better placed to respond to changing market dynamics.

Identifying the underlying and genuine purpose of a business requires a deep dive into the drive, passion and fundamental beliefs of the key stakeholders. Even when working alongside businesses with an existing purpose, we often find it buckles under scrutiny. Once identified, a strong purpose is the basis on which everything else should be formed.

We have helped challenge, draw out and identify a strong business purpose via a combination of proven exercises developed at Chalk+Ward Consultancy. Purposes that stand the test of time, are inherent to the culture and beliefs of our clients and resonate powerfully with their audiences.

“Chalk + Ward have been instrumental in the launch and ongoing development of the Kirks Insolvency website. Their SEO work has meant we’ve also seen a significant increase in relevant traffic to the website, resulting in regular new business leads. I would recommend them to any company looking to improve their digital strategy.”

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